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3 Tried and True Lifestyle Tips and Tricks for Bladder Health During the Holidays

It’s hard to believe it, but the holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving menus are planned and Christmas is just a short sleigh ride away. However, for already sensitive bladders, this joyous time of year can be especially challenging. Fortunately, we have put together a quick cheat-sheet for some great tips and tricks for bladder health that will help you have your cake, (or turkey), and eat it too. Let’s dive in, shall we?


3 Tried and True Lifestyle Tips and Tricks for Bladder Health During the Holidays:

1. Scheduled voiding. Throughout the hustle and bustle of shopping, visiting friends and family and popping in to various holiday parties, it is easy to forget to take time to care for yourself, let alone, give yourself time to pee. That’s why it is important to set a schedule in advance for bathroom breaks to prevent any Overactive Bladder mishaps. A few easy ways to help remind yourself to take a moment for a bathroom break can include setting an alarm on your phone or if you are more of a paper reminder person, you can make a note in your day planner or calendar every few hours to find a restroom and take time to relax and empty your bladder. Extra tip: give double a voiding a try during your scheduled bathroom breaks. Double voiding is the act of urinating and waiting a few minutes before trying to empty your bladder again, which may help you to fully empty your bladder reducing leakage occurrences.

2. Keep an eye on your diet. With the extra indulgence of super rich foods and cups flowing (and overflowing) with cheer, we know this is easier said than done. But, studies have shown that weight loss and limiting the intake of bladder irritating foods, (such as citrus fruit and spicy foods) as well as bladder irritating drinks like coffee, tea, alcohol, soda and other fizzy sodas will help promote better bladder health and help decrease that “gotta go” feeling. This may simply mean politely passing on the cranberry relish with extra orange zest or declining that extra glass of champagne and bourbon punch. Little actions can go a long way in terms of watching your diet whether over the holidays or year round.

3. Perform quick pelvic flicks. Similar to kegels, quick flicks are pelvic exercises to help relax your bladder muscle when it starts to act up. How to do it: squeeze pelvic muscles tight and quickly let them go several times in a row. Try to work up to squeezing and releasing ten times, then relaxing for about two minutes, and repeating two more times. 


Above all else this holiday season, we wish you and yours joy, merriment, lots of laughter and good health! And as always, if there is any way we can help to answer any questions or address any concerns with bladder health or other urologic symptoms you may be experiencing, please do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment today. 

Lauren Rogers

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