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Keeping UTIs at Bay During Summertime Play

The summer season is fully setting in here in North Florida. This time of the year, the river sparkles and the ocean looks particularly inviting. But proper precautions need to be taken as the spikes in temperature and heat index continue increasing to remain happy, and healthy all summer long. Just as important as it is to stay cool, it is especially important to stay hydrated to ensure proper functioning of your organs and to prevent any pesky Urinary Tract Infections from putting a damper on your summertime fun.

Urinary Tract Infections, (or UTIs), occur when bacteria gets into your urine and travels up to your bladder and account for almost 10 million visits to the doctor each year. Here, we have compiled a quick guide on how you can prevent being one of them.

  1. SUMMER HACKS TO LOWER YOUR UTI RISK: Despite offering an oasis in which you can beat the heat, swimming pools tend to be a hotspot for germs from people not rinsing off or showering before entering as often directed, urine in the water, and low levels of chlorine present. You can lower your chances and the chances of your family from getting a UTI by complying with the following: adhere to the pool rules and follow proper showering protocol, change out of your wet bathing suit or sweaty clothes as quickly as possible, make extra trips to the bathroom to try to empty your bladder often and drink lots of fluids.

  2. TIPS TO STAYING HYDRATED: It is so critical to make sure you are getting in more fluids than normal to prevent dehydration, especially during the hot summer months. If drinking plain old water seems boring or isn’t hitting the spot, try mixing it up by adding fruit slices to provide a healthy, flavored, delicious option. You can also enjoy snacking on tons of fresh fruit or veggies that are loaded with water such as watermelon slices or cucumber slices or celery dipped in hummus. Another great tip is to be sure to prepare and hydrate today for any outdoor activities on the schedule for tomorrow. “Hydrating for a day out in the sun or playing a sport should happen the day before, not the day of. Be sure to hydrate at least 24 hours before going to the beach or a soccer game,” advises The Urology Care Foundation.

  3. SIGNS OF A UTI: If you or a loved one experience pain or burning when you urinate, unusually frequent urination, pain in your back or side near the ribs, pressure in your lower belly, cloudy, smelly, or bloody urine or fever or chills, give us a call at 904.644.8353 to schedule an appointment and let us help you return to your summer of fun.

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