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The MonaLisa Touch: A Revelation In Women’s Healthcare

Laser technology used for treatments in vaginal healthcare are on the rise for hundreds of thousands of women suffering from post-menopausal symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, vaginal pain and incontinence, though studies are still being conducted, they are proving that using laser technology is quickly becoming one of the most successful treatment options for this category of patients. Because many women are concerned about side effects from hormones like vaginal estrogen, introducing new therapies into part of the treatment plan is a game-changer for the good. Dr. Lauren Streicher of Northwestern Medicine states that,“over 25,000 women worldwide have been treated with the MonaLisa Touch. There have been no documented adverse effects and the overwhelming majority are pleased with the results.

For those that would prefer not to use hormones or have been advised not to use estrogen, the MonaLisa Touch is a medical CO2 laser therapy designed to reverse vaginal and vulvar atrophy that has caused thinning, drying and inflammation because of a decline in estrogen. This can lead to several uncomfortable symptoms like urinary incontinence, decreased vaginal lubrication and painful intercourse.

In just three painless 5 minute sessions spaced over the course of six weeks, gentle laser energy will be used to stimulate the walls of the vagina producing collagen and blood flow. In the comfort of your physician’s office, the MonaLisa Touch helps to restore functional tissue, encourage hydration and improve your overall vaginal health. No anesthesia is required and most women only report a gently vibration when the slender laser probe is in the vagina.

Dr. Kenneson of Bluewater Urology Associates who incorporated the MonaLisa Touch into her practice in the Spring of 2018 echoes this sentiment saying, “We have introduced the MonaLisa Touch to our patients and I think it’s going to be a game changer for women’s health. In the past we had to rely on hormonal therapy and now we have an exciting alternative without the associated risk.” She continues, “It is exciting for women’s health as a whole and we’re already seeing phenomenal results in our patient population”.

To learn more about The MonaLisa Touch C02 Laser, please see the post on our website outlining Frequently Asked Questions and more detailed information on the MonaLisa Touch treatment procedure here:


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Lauren Rogers

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