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The Vasectomy Care Package Guide

There is nothing better after a procedure than receiving a care package. And well, every package needs a little extra pampering after a vasectomy. That’s why we have put together this quick Vasectomy Care Package Guide to use for yourself or a loved one after his procedure. So let’s dive in to everything you will need after a vasectomy to promote optimum comfort, restful relaxation, and a quick healing process that is as enjoyable as possible.

Things you can give:

From funny cards to gift baskets containing all of his favorite things, putting together a vasectomy care package is a fun though highly individualized process that lets your loved one know they are loved and appreciated after their procedure. Here are a few staples that you may want to include.

  1. Nice sweatpants or loose drawstring pants that can be worn to the doctor’s office on the day of the procedure. This will help squeezing back into too tight pants and up the comfort level upon completion of the vasectomy.
  2. Ice compress. This is one time where you do not want to risk swelling or inflammation so it is crucial to keep things on ice for a few days. Frozen peas also work brilliantly and are about half the fraction of the cost of a fancier ice compress. Says one insider, “The fancy ice packs with beads in them that are like frozen peas are okay, but really expensive for the ones that are big enough to sit on and not need to adjust around to hit the right spot. Buy the most on-sale peas, and buy at least half a dozen bags. Wrap a bag of peas in a layer of paper towel or tea towel, secure inside a gallon ziploc (you do not want to deal with a pea breach in your bed or on your couch), and then make sure there is a good layer of fabric between skin and baggie.” Good tips!
  3. Advil or tylenol. Think this one goes without saying too much, but pain management is very helpful during the recovery period. If you or your loved one is prescribed mild pain medications, please follow the doctors orders and take as directed. Again, this will help tremendously to getting things back to normal as quickly (and as painlessly, literally,) as possible.
  4. Comfy but supportive underwear. If you are or your man is a boxer guy, this is one time to switch to briefs. You are going to need extra support down there to keep everything snug. We recommend buying the next size down in underwear. Breathable briefs are great, but make sure they are tight! One of our favorite snug, yet extremely comfortable underwear brands is UFM which can be purchased from our office. Just ask at the front for more information!
  5. Favorite snacks including gatorades, water bottles or preferred beverages of choice. Some favorites we have seen feature bags of nuts or sweet treats they love but this is really dependent on the individual being pampered.
  6. A new book, video game, iTunes gift card or movies to make resting for several days more engaging and less of a bore. One patient who has had a vasectomy shares, “I've been through two (thank god minor) surgeries. You know what would make an awesome gift? Up his cable package to whatever he's interested in for, at the very least, the time he's recuperating around the home.Get the MLB network, or HBO, or NHL network, whatever so that time spent sitting around doing not much can be more fun for him.” Great advice for someone who’s been there, done that!

Things you can do:

Many post-vasectomy patients have shed light on things that their spouse did for them that aided tremendously in their recovery time. Here we share these ideas and other tips that you can do to help the healing process go smoothly.

  1. If you have very young children or pets, it may help to keep them at bay from daddy for a few days to prevent any surprise impacts away from Daddy’s private parts. Says one patient, “ No surprise head-butts to the groin for Daddy = smooth recovery.” Sound advice.
  2. One thing that seems to be quite common during recovery time is that the patient’s spouse would take the lead on shared chores such as taking out the trash, cooking, and changing diapers to prevent any straining and scarring from taking place.
  3. To prevent any accidental kicks to the groin, you or your spouse may want to sleep in a separate bed while you recover if the option is available to you. Any extra measure you can take is helpful. The more you can do to help yourself heal, the better you’ll feel and faster.
  4. After the vasectomy, it is such a great gesture to insist on picking up your guy at the front door of the doctors’ office instead of letting him insist on walking to the car after his procedure.
  5. Most importantly, make sure to encourage rest and relaxation. Most people have a very difficult time taking it easy, but when it comes to recovering from a vasectomy, or any procedure for that matter, it is so important to actually do just that. Says one patient, “If it is any consolation, I've been operated on many times and I thought that the vasectomy recovery was relatively straightforward in comparison to most surgical recoveries - certainly less painful than the wisdom tooth removal I had 2 weeks after the vasectomy. Just make sure to get your rest and you will be good to go!”

*Note: Gift packages are highly dependent on the individual and you know what you or your man like best. These are just merely suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Happy spoiling and recovering!

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