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Cancer Of The Bladder, Kidney And Prostate Specialist

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Cancer of the bladder, kidney, and prostate requires specialized care and advanced techniques to minimize complications. Mary Ann Kenneson, MD, at Bluewater Urology Associates in Orange Park, Florida, is the only urologist in the area performing robotic surgery -- the most advanced, minimally invasive procedure available. Call Bluewater Urology Associates today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about their robotic cancer treatments.

Cancer of the Bladder, Kidney and Prostate Q & A

What is cancer of the bladder?

Bladder cancer usually occurs in the bladder where urine is stored, but this type of cancer can develop in other parts of the urinary drainage system as well.

More prevalent in men than women, the most common symptom of bladder cancer is blood in the urine. Other symptoms include:

  • Painful urination
  • Pelvic or back pain
  • Frequent urination

Bladder cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in the United States. When diagnosed early, it responds very well to treatment.

What is cancer of the kidney?

In adults, the most common type of kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma. The exact cause of this cancer is unknown, but kidney cells appear to mutate, which make them divide and grow quickly. These cells can spread to other parts of the body.

Symptoms of kidney cancer include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Blood in your urine
  • Fever and fatigue
  • A lump in your abdomen

You might also experience constant pain in your side or back.

What is cancer of the prostate?

Prostate cancer is the most commonly occurring male cancer. It can grow slowly, requiring minimal treatment, or it can spread quickly. In its early stages, prostate cancer might not have symptoms, so regular screenings are important. When symptoms do arise, they might include:

  • Difficulty urinating
  • Weakened urine stream
  • Pain in your pelvic area
  • Blood in your semen
  • Erectile dysfunction

When diagnosed early, prostate cancer usually responds well to treatment.

How can robotic surgery treat these cancers?

Dr. Kenneson is one of the leading urology experts in northeast Florida, and the only one in the area performing robotic surgery.

A minimally invasive surgical technique, robotic surgery enables your doctor to perform procedures without making a large incision. Using the world’s most advanced surgical robot, da Vinci® Surgery, Dr. Kenneson utilizes the machine’s three robotic arms, miniaturized instruments, and high-definition 3D camera to remove cancer and signs of disease.

The benefits of robotic surgery to treat cancers of the bladder, kidney, and prostate include:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less trauma to your body

To learn more about minimally invasive surgical treatments for cancers of the bladder, kidney, and prostate, call Bluewater Urology Associates or schedule an appointment online today.