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Scar Removal Specialist

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Scars and other skin imperfections can negatively affect your self-confidence. Mary Ann Kenneson, MD, and her team at Bluewater Urology Associates in Orange Park, Florida, understand the sensitivity this can cause and offer aesthetic solutions like Icon™ Aesthetic System scar removal to correct them. To learn about the scar removal services offered at Bluewater Urology Associates, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Scar Removal Q & A

What is a scar?

A scar is a mark on the skin from permanent tissue damage. This area is the skin’s attempt to regenerate after an injury by creating newly formed connective tissue. Several factors determine the size, color, and shape of your scar, including:

  • Size: a result of the size of the injury to the skin
  • Color: fresh scars are usually red or pink, fading over time
  • Shape: can be any shape depending on the injury

Scar tissue doesn’t contain sweat glands, sebaceous gland, or hair follicles.

How do scars form?

A scar is the final stage in the healing process and follows three other phases:

  • Inflammatory phase: dead tissue is removed along with contaminants
  • Proliferation phase: new tissue begins forming
  • Remodeling phase: the wound heals and new tissue covers the wound

It can take a scar six to 12 months to form.

Are there different types of scars?

Scars are typically divided into two types: atrophic and hypertrophic.

Atrophic scars

Atrophic scars are depressions in the skin. They are usually due to tissue loss from acne, trauma, or surgery.

Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars are raised, wide, and often bright pink when they occur on light skin. These scars are caused by excess collagen trying to repair injured skin.

How does the Icon Aesthetic System remove scars?

Dr. Kenneson and her team at Bluewater Urology Associates use the most modern and innovative treatments for aesthetic treatments, including the Icon Aesthetic System for scar removal.

The Icon system provides your doctor with a comprehensive suite of noninvasive laser therapies designed to be comfortable and fast, guaranteeing the best results for every skin type.

During Icon treatments, targeted pulses of light are used to break down your scar tissue. At the same time, concentrated microbeams of energy can be used to improve the texture and overall tone of your skin. This promotes the growth of fresh, new skin.

The advanced design of the Icon Aesthetic System features patented features to ensure your comfort and to protect your skin, so discomfort during treatments should be minimal. You might feel a small snapping similar to a rubber band.

Depending on your scar, Dr. Kenneson and her team at Bluewater Urology Associates might recommend multiple treatments to completely eliminate it.

To learn more about scar removal using the Icon Aesthetics System, call Bluewater Urology Associates or schedule an appointment online.